We offer a diverse range of DAW platforms and digital solutions in tandem with specialist engineers who will programme and operate live shows.

All software and hardware are carefully selected to deliver the optimum capability to each project's needs. These will be considered in the show design process. Click below to see our full range of platforms we provide.


On Tour 

Working on some of the worlds largest productions with on site operating, 

programming, editing, timecode and file management. We also supply additional services, including; show prompting, where talking an artist through a performance / running autocue is agreed in order to aid a smooth comfortable show. We have taken years of touring experience and applied it towards working with clients in a wide variety of challenging environments.


We offer full flexibility and support both musically and technically. Our team and an extensive network of specially skilled individuals will not just operate but allow an artist and production to develop and expand freely, whilst offering very few creative limitations.



Delivering a fully bespoke package to all clients to enhance a live show for both the artist and audience.

Design Consultations, will focus on a production's needs, focusing specifically both on musical flexibility and technical setup.

We offer a wide range of design solutions, with a number of industry leading technologies to push the boundaries of what is possible in a live production.

Bespoke system builds available for both sales and rentals with full digital integration.

All systems are tried and tested and come fully packaged for international freight and touring. All systems can be duplicated for B and C systems as and when needed.



Get in contact with us to find out more about specific products and services we provide.

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