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live music producers.

Our primary service is live music production, this is where we translate the best representation of an artist's record to a live format. Our producers begin by establishing a clients aims for a live performance and we provide the available technologies and solutions to achieve those goals.

Our producers oversee the entire process from studio to stage. Based on the musical and sonic requirements, we source the best suited engineers, musical directors and audio playback setup necessary. Opto's producers will work with the artist, management, production and creative team to deliver a live repertoire at the highest standards of live concert production.

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playback engineers.

Opto has a network of award winning engineers with a wealth of experience. Specialising in programming and operating playback for live performances, we ensure that each project has the right person for the job to meet the daily demands of touring and on site programming. 

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Opto designs and supplies all clients with the technical solutions and playback systems for a live show, including custom infrastructure to assist artists in delivering a smooth performance. In addition we also supply advance backline integration, live vocal FX, autocue and midi solutions. All our systems are designed to eliminate technical obstacles to creative needs.

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contact us.

Get in contact with us to find out more about specific products and services we provide.

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